You may have noticed that all of my business names have some kind of ocean/outdoors element to them. That's not a coincidence. It's been carefully planned so that everything is coherent and lives under one main brand: Ocean + Market. Coming up with names and branding is also one of my areas of specialty. 


Into the Glimmer

I created this blog/business back when I moved out of PA to Charlotte, NC. I felt that the blog I had at the time no longer described my situation and I wanted to refocus. I chose Into the Glimmer because it represents hope and possibilities ahead, and the way the ocean shines under the sunlight.

I also use the hashtag #saltwashedrunner because I live and run at the beach and well, sweat is salty, too. Two birds, one salty, sweaty stone.


Wild Blue Ux

User experience is often an uncharted frontier for many companies and career-seekers, but it offers an expansive array of opportunities to change careers and to make an impact on the world. Wild Blue UX reflects the possibilities and also shows how I can help companies and career seekers navigate through unfamiliar territory.


Saltwashed Creative Co.

This one is all about creative services. Not so much strategy and consulting like I do for Wild Blue UX. I rarely take on full UX design projects because they're so labor intensive and my time is finite (as much as I'd like to believe it isn't), but I do take on smaller scale web design (including copywriting), as well as graphic design, branding, illustration, and lifestyle/product photography projects.

Saltwashed Creative represents that work, and salt adds flavor to everything and that's what my creative services do for businesses. Plus, the ocean is salty (and the sky is blue), but just saying.


Joyful Sol Photography

This one was the hardest! I played around with a few other names, but then this just hit me. "Sol" means "sun" in Spanish but it also sounds like the English word "soul," which was an intentional choice. It's also the middle three letters of my last name. So really, it was perfect! 

Most of my photography work focuses on dogs, including rescue dog photography. And dogs are certainly joyful, especially once they know they're safe with humans who will take care of them.


Joia Sands

"Joia" is the Portuguese word for jewel or jewelry. And sands is obviously a reference to the beach. And I create jewelry for salty spirits and sun-kissed souls inspired by the relaxed coastal life. 



“Willister” is just a silly nickname we have for one of our beagles, Willow Rose (among other names, like Willie, Willifer, Wilsters, Willawah…you get the picture). And one day, we decided that would be a good name for the company idea my husband and I have had rolling around in our heads for a while. And that’s all I’ll say about that…for now. We’re working on it.